Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014

why do we get addicted to things? 
a question that Elder holland answered with a parable that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, So WATCH YOUR STEP!!! every single day we deal with people with addictions and i myself have addictions that i am still over coming and being on a mission i have learned how to better cope with these challenges yes it is hard but our lord and savior Jesus christ is here to help and he is always loving and willing to help and he wants to forgive. 

what can we do about it? 
oft times when we are addicted to something we neglect our spirituality, in a sence starving ourselves of the blessings the lord wants us to recieve or denying the love of christ! two things i have learned to help with those so called addictions is 1 prayer true sincere prayer with real intent having faith that christ will heal us. 2 daily scripture study! we all need to be nurished by the word of god! if we are ever going to be exalted we need to be continually feeding our spirits! Just last monday evening i was struggling to go to sleep for some odd reason i have alot of energy at night so i started to talk to my heavenly father and i felt a sence of peace and at this time all i needed was a hug! and i beheld that i felt like i was being held and it was so peaceful i fell asleep in the arms of christ. It was such a cool experience to have 

any ways sorry for the sermin but it is something i have had an my mind alot lately and truly praying for help is really what we need but also truly having the desire to quite if we want to be freed badly enough we will be freed! i love this gospel so much and i am so greatful for jesus christ to be willing to die for us that he klnows exactly what we are going threw! I love and Pray for you all! sincerely yours Elder Jed Hazlett  

curepe is more of a small town about like walking down main in moab but i think there are more people in it its more rurel with small buildings the big buildings are in port of spain and thats ware all the big buildings are its cool here lots of people and fun adventures! Love ya Love Elder Hazlett

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