Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014

Transfer week this week i am going to a place calles sipirea trinidad its a very small place with a small branch i imagen about the size of castle valey but the area is more spread out its a huge area with a good amount of people all in the bush! im excited! i love the oppurtunity i have to be here and love the people i am sad i am leaving but i am so used to leaving people that it dont bother me to much it does but not as much as others! i still love the gospel and that will never change! the faces around us may but the gospel will never change! thats one thing i have loved about the gospel! it is true it just is! i am excited to learn the things that i need to learn down on my new area! i am excited to share the gospel with everyone! i love being a missionary and i am so happy that you all have the oppurtunity to be apart of the work of salvation! i Love you all and hope you are doing great love you Love Elder Hazlett

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