Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14, 2014

hey what would happen if i deside to do something else in the summer?? hahaha jk i couldnt do that! i would be to stressed! this week has been interesting i absolutly love this area and i know that the lord loves me and the people around me and i am so greatful to have the oppurtunity to serve the people here in curepe trinidad i have been thinking about the attnement lately and how it really is specifically for each and every one of us we just need to have the motivation to use it! and thats probably the hardest thing about it! its just like cleaning the kitchen sink you clean it once and almost immediatly it is dirty again! its not so fun but just like the hard things we cant just wait till someone is willin to do them we just gotta do it! its hard at times but its worth it! i know this gospel is true and that the work of salvation is truly moving forward in the best ways ever! its amazing as i have realized the potential of this area and then thinking about back on the golf coarse with dad and manuel saying that i have the potential to be a really great golfer as i was on a trade off with our zoneleader he told me that my mission President said the same thing! i am truly greatful to have leaders like them in our lives that see the potential in others and push them to do better! i have always been the one to hold in how i feel and be content with my situation! I remember a time when we had arbies and dad gave me the sandwitch that i asked for and it had the arbies sauce on it because i saw that he put it on and he gave it to me and i did nt like it at all but i felt bad if i said anything so i tried to eat as much as i possably could of it! leaders are here to help and to listen and also to keep us safe! i am so thankfull for the wonderfull oppurtunity to have such great examples in my life! I love you all Love Elder Hazlett

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