Monday, August 11, 2014

August 11, 2014

A.D.D. is acting up as usual its terrably frusterating but its alright i know that the lord has given me this weakness that i may be able to overcome it!  people may think i am weard but lets face it i could think there weard to for lot likeing trucks and boats as much as i do! haha so in that reguard everyone is weard! or better yet everyone is awesome! learning the lessons that we do are just what we need to corect our bad habbits! and make good ones! its hard being here when all you can think about is home expecally after hitting my 18 month mark and not really felt like i have done anything but been a burden to others because i just want to be working on something just makes us want to do those old things again! and it dont help that these computers are completly different that any i have ever used it just makes me more frusterated and then i just dont want to do anything the only thing i can do is trust i the lord i have 5 months left i have made it this far i can finish strong it just makes me not want to touch another book or computer ever again! its sad because i want to learn i have the desire to teach people lately every time i study i find myself doing the exact same thing i did growing up doing homework as a kid just imedatly get frusterated and not want to do it fighting myself to tears I want to serve the lord full heartedly but my body does not i love my life i love the gospel and seeing the gospel come into the lives of others is truly an amazing feeling. any way ill cheer up after i eat lunch or something any ways i love you all and i wish you all the best with love Elder hazlett

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