Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25, 2014

this week was a challenging week coupled with hard work and rain and alot of traveling and of coarse the lord humbleing me more so i can align my will with his! i am truly greatful for my companion even though he does get on my nerves a bit but honestly if you think about it living with someone 24/7 who wouldn't get irritated a bit? answer the savior he deals with our short commings and so should we learn to cope with others challenges because we are all imperfect i am probably more frusterating to deal with than him but thats okay. this sunday was stake conference and our mission President spoke and his wife as well and it was truly awesome the spirit was so strong! they talked about unity in the family and i applied it to our compnaionship! i love this gospel and as we truly live the gospel our desires will change for the better! and i know that is true! the bikes that we ride are not very good lol its okay though i truly do love the gospel and the people here in the west indies! even though i may not say it or express it as much as i should but i was thinking about it the other day and i have truly come to love the people we teach and i have nodiced that even with just one spiritual Experience with a member and not seeing him fro two weeks after meeting him once i was able to reconize him in the store two weeks later! its great! i love this gospel! i really do and the love of jesus christ has for all of his children and me i have really come to know that he truly does love us! i hope everything is good with you all and hope and pray that the spirit will strive to be with you as well! With love Elder Hazlett

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