Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4, 2014

the area here is fantastic the weather is so nice and we even have a washer to wash our clothes! yes my cloths are holding up alright only two of my pants are riping on the side but thats an easy fix and it dont expose anything so its okay! our appartment is great ill have to pick up a card reader so i can put them on the computer the computers here are to old to pick up my camera so ill just get a reader for it no biggie!

the spirit has been so strong as i ave been here in this area in my last area i didnt realize how depressed i was untill i came here and on the long drive here i was reflecting about why i was a missionary and that i wanted to go home like the two missionaries that were droping us off were leaving for home the next morning! and something changed in my attitude as we got into my new area and met my new companion my attitude went from being depressed and frusterated to hopeful and happy and i have nodiced that most every day i get so excited about sharing the gospel that i can hardly control myself i just want to go on the top of the mountains and shout about the book of mormon but then when you really think about how effective that would be it souldn't hardly at all be effective so it will work much better if were talking to every person about the book of mormon and the spirit is so strong i just get so excited and i get to the point that i cant speak its pretty funny to share with others a smile and its amazing how telling someone to smile can help them have a better day! i am known in the mission for two things if you ask any missionary they will say that i always say dont forget to smile and naturally a am a good driver haha but i dont have a car here we usually walk and ride bikes and we cover two towns and so we walk in one and take a taxi to siparia and bike around there! this last month of july the mission fasted for baptisms and boy did we get them with 68 baptisms this month and 30 of them just in one day! i love this gospel and i am so greatful for the savior in bringing forth in these latterdays! o boy here we go again i gotta calm down cant type fast yet still faster that i was but not like supperman or mom haha i say super man because were in a gameing shop and there is a justic league poster right in front of me! haha this place rocks!!! well i cant really explain all of the miracles that happen in our lives here i wish i could just tell you everything! lets just say that after 18 months i am finally feeling the missionary spirit! i have always been a late bloomer but the late bloomers are the best in my oppinion because they spend so much time trying to figure out the basice when we finally break threw were so excited! i have nodiced a total changein my life i love this gospel and i know that god is the only one that is able to do everything men just have to be willing to align our will with his! in the name of Jesus Christ amen! Love you all Love Elder Hazlett

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