Monday, August 18, 2014

August 18, 2014

hope the deso goes well im jellous but thats okay ill be there just now! this morning i was reading in the new testament and i cam to matthew chapter 8 verses 30-32 and i thought it was so funny i started laughing out loud it is ware jesus goes to cast out devel spirits and the devil spirits ask to be cast into the swine that were not to far off it goes to show just how desprate the devil spirits are to have a body but they cannot control them and so they ran the swine down a cliff and into the sea ware they drown lol it was pretty sad and funny all at the same time! any ways this week has been better my companion his passion is reading books and so i know that the lord put us together so that i can learn how to study! its great! its hard work but i gotta do it! this week we got twice the member lessons that were were getting since before i got here i love working with members because thats ware the real success is found! this area is absolutly thriving with people ready to hear the gospel we just have to contiually be excited about the gospel! and not doubt just have faith and be in a hurry to do the lords work because its time! its the last leg of the race just like gueto on cars when he changes lightning mcqueens tires on the movie cars we gotta have control and work like everything depends on us but rely on the lord because everything relies on him! i am so excited to be here and to grow with the people here the place we live is called penal and the shurch is in siparia not to far from us we cover both places but as soon as the work gets going more here we will be able to re open siparia to  have 4 missionaries in the branch instead of just two! it will be great! i am so excited and yes i have weakn esses but they are here to help me become strong! i have gained much strenth since i have been here and i know i can do it we just gotta do it! Love you all Love Elder Jed Hazlett

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