Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014

haha that sounds like it was a blast on hells revenge! yes me and lily and libby learned to not go on slick rock in the snow! the rzr is really quite safe but because of the suspension it feels like you will tip out! and also its open its alot of fun! im supper stoked to be able to go out on trails with all of us! the bishop in san-fernando is from idaho and he told me that polaris came out with a 1000 and it has a different drive system! its fun! anyways the branch Presidents daughter was recently diagnosed with adhd and so as im sure you know they wanted to ask a few questions!  there awesome i love that family loads!!! they will probably call you another time! people here dont know what a rzr is could you send a picture of it so i can explain and use it in a lesson or two! :) that would be great! people love to see that were more that just robots but that were alot of fun on a mission serving the lord! i truly do love this gospel and i am so thankful to be able to serve the lord.


This week was Zone conference and with Elder Zivic of the 70 and his wife came and it was a great learning oppurtunity! i have felt the spirit so much and i am so greatfull for the oppurtunity to be here and serve the lord and to learn the lessons that we need to learn! 


Just the other day we saw a few guys shoveling some Dirt one of my favorit things to do! haha and i grabed a shovel and started to help them and i got tired on that side and desided to switch to my weaker arm only to realize that i was useing my left hand and it feels as normal eather way i hold it! haha strange how that works! also i am getting alot better at reading music somehow i only play a couple times a week for choir and sometimes at church! its a great blessing to be here and to be on a mission the skills that i have learned on my mission i would have never done at home! sadly i am still learning to study that one will take me a long time! but its gettin there! i love the oppurtunity that we have every morning to study the scriptures and to be able to have the spirit with us all the time! I truly do know that the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints is the lords true church and i truly do want to share it with everyone that i possable can! even if they reject the message which happens alot! lazy people tend to make fun of people that work hard! its pretty funny to see how many people will say something when we are walking fast lol any ways i know that the lord loves each and every one of us and i love you all Love Elder Hazlett

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