Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014

this week we decided to take the long way around the town and it turns out that we went the really long way around the town of penal and on the outside of town we found a 2000 ford f 350 the guy that owns it lived in the states and shipped it down and he hardly ever drives it because the roads are to small down here lol so its only got 40000 miles on it! of coarse i had to take a picture if it and me lol then after that the lord truly works with our weaknesses because after that i was a lot happier and then we saw a less active family mother and two kids struggling with life and helped them be happy and love one another! it was awesome i surly do love this gospel!

 later we were able to go to choir practice and the spirit was so strong and on Saturday we are hosting a sports activity and we have found a kid named Moses and we talked to his mother and sister they seem really cool! we have not been able to meet with them as yet but we will soon! probably tomorrow ill let ya know how everything is going! one thing i learned is that we as human beings tend to abuse and blame our self's and it gets us down but the savior taught us that yes we do make mistakes but if we trust in the lord and ask him to forgive us that sorrow that we experience miraculously turns into happiness and determination! to do the lords work!
then just yesterday we were at one of our members houses and there was an investigator there who has been taught by missionaries before in tobago and she wants to get baptized in october! im supper excited for her and for that whole family! missionary work is so much fun! im so happy to be able to be a part of the work of salvation. yes it does make my hands weak and other things but Yes it makes my mind grow and understand the gospel better that i ever could at home! expecally the spirit! sadly i flip threw my preach my gospel and i dont see many notes but that mearly because when i make notes i never use them so i dont see the point but when i memorize something then it comes to life! i cant tell you how many times i have used the first page of enos to teach about almost every subject of the gospel! its great! I LOVE THE BOOK OF MORMON! i know i am not perfect but i also know that the lord loves me and i love him! even thought i dont show it as best as other people do i truly do love this gospel and even threw the tears that it takes me to study it is worth it! there is no feeling better than being frusterated beyond your frusteration point and then all a sudden the spirit comes rushing in and things just click! if it takes pushing me to that point every morning then it is totally worth it!!! i still hate studying but its totally worth it! i would much rather think about the trucks and the river that think about the Isiah chapters! but there is so much knowledge in them! we dont need to focus we need to learn! having add has opened my mind yes it is terrably frusterating yesterday at church i forgot my companions name! lol but thats not truly what matters what matters is that i learn! yes itas alot slower than other people but once i get it its smooth sailin from there now i just need to get missionary work lol 16 weeks i can do it! 
My companion Elder Cox is from alaska and he is joining the airforce when he gets home so we are going to start working out its going to be rough but it will be worth it!
i bear my testamony that i know that god lives and he loves us and jesus is the christ and that thomas s. monson is the prophet of the lord with love Elder Jed Hazlett

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