Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September 2, 2014

i cannot wait untill we have all 4 of the hazlett boys on the river and golfing! its so true how much the river relates to our lives but teaching it to someone who thinks a river is the same as a gutter its a bit challenging! lol so sadly i cant use that one to much here i have been trying to find other ways to teach people about the restored gospel! and one thing that i have found with having add is that i can relate anything to anything! the other day my companion and i were about to teach a lesson to a less active member and her family and as usual we didnt have a solid plan on what to teach! and i said a prayer and asked heavenly father to help me teach so the kids could understand! and i looked to my left and i saw a yellow ball close by! and i used that as an object lesson! it was great! i have always known that i have add for a reason yes it is hard! alot of the missionaries when they ask others about me they say that i have a hard time paying attention aka we would be teaching a lesson and alla sudden i would ask if a nearby tree is a mango tree! hahaha i only did that once but the missinary thought it was so funny! its truly great being here in this wonderful are i have really been trying to work with the members as much as possable and i am deffinatly seeing a great spirit come into there lives! its truly great to see the gospel fire light up someones day! I Love This gospel! another Experience we had with member missionary worjk was that our branch Presidents wife gacve us a refearl to this lady named linda and so we taught her and she teaches special ed classes and i was able to bond with her really well! it was a great lesson! the spirit was so strong! blessings are flowing!!! in trinidad! its great! we are still struggling with our investigators comming to church! but that will come with the members help! i am so excited to watch this branch grow! it is truly a great blessing i have to work with the people here i love it! now sorry i am getting frusterated with the computer so ill have to say love you and look forward to hearing from you next week With Love Elder Hazlett

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