Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7,2013

this weekend was fantastic! the church is true! this weekend we had 6 elders staying in our apartment and so naturally i gave up my bed and slept on the floor and man it reminded me of sleeping on a paco pad i slept like a rock! it was so nice lol. there were alot of fantastic talks this weekend all were very inspired and uplifting. I have really been studing the prophets words and he is really an amazing man and he really does have authority from god to teach his people!  also karen fron st. vincent got baptized this weekend Elder Payne called after the first saturday session to tell me! it was amazing when i left she felt she didnt need baptism to be a member of the church but she had probably the best fellowshiper i have ever seen sister samuel she would be over at karens house every day talking about the gospel and reading the book of mormon! it was amazing not a whole lot has happened here in grenada the sisters baptized someone i was able to witness it and also last sunday someone else was baptized it was great since i have been out i am thinking that the lord wants me to learn how to run an office because thats basically what we have been doing i sit all the time and i have gained a few lbs from it but thats okay its worth it! i wish we could do more missionary work but as soon as we try we have way to much to do so we cant teach them its not the best but its how its going to be! so far its been 6 weeks without a companion he is waiting for his work permit to come in along with everyone else and the senior couple so its kinda stressfull but then again i dont get stressed out haha i just do it and thats something i have learned just keep moving forward and when the goin gets tough the though gets goin!! 

with the drop box thing i have not put any pictures on it yet but i will when we go to the church this evening or tomorrow or next week when i remember my camera lol im so forgetfull its funny! o well the lords love is amazing! i really love hearing from dad he is such a great example to me!!! and hearing all the experiences he has had over the years is such a great blessing to me and i am so greatfull for a wonderfull family that the lord has blessed me with its amazing to feel the love that everyone has for eachother even though we may fight alot we really do love eachother and would do anything for them if they need it im so thankfull for the means by which i have grown up with i see others here one of which was really caught up in video games and it was kinda sad he said that he played one game for over 1000 hours thats just one game and then he went on to tell us all about how awesome it was and stuff like that and the whole time i was thinking what are you getting out of that? and i realized and we talked about it and the only thing that one could get out of it is to not play them as much thats 41 days of his life spent in front of a screen! thats almost more than i have driving lol its nuts! i just thought of all the things i could do with 41 days and it was astonishing you could get very good at any sport or instrument or you could just sit glued to a screen and eat mac and cheese out of the pot that you cooked it in! lol im truly glad that i was never into video games to much ya i played them and i probaably did more than i should have but i could still function in the real world its very interesting i really went into that discussion with an open mind and not one part of it made me feel like i wanted that it was nuts! any ways it was a great topic and a great discussion any ways i gotta run! love you all so much 

Love Elder Hazlett!!!

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