Tuesday, October 8, 2013

August 19, 2013

This last week was a rough one again. We got back into our area and everything was fine. Then elder Payne got sick again so most of the week we stayed inside! I have gotten better and staying still though! Then today we had the opportunity to hike up to MTN la Seufrea its the volcano on the island and its about 3/4 the way of the dolls house and not quite as steep! So naturally I was in my flips and everyone else was in tennis shoes. They were all making fun of me and all I said was KEEP UP. I stopped every so often because we were walking through the rain forest and its very foresty! Every 30 seconds or so I had to stop because I would be out of sight from the others! lol it was surly funny! It was amazing being up there!  This next week is transfers and so yeah we get our calls this week and hopefully we will get two more missionaries out in George Town because the area is huge and we have hardly touched it, let alone seen it. We have been within 5 miles of our house and that’s about it! We walk so it is difficult but we do catch travel via van sometimes! It’s a really desolate place hopefully we will get a car this next transfer probably not. I’m hoping because then we would not have to worry about packing all of our stuff to spend the night in town in our backpacks! It’s nuts because we travel back it takes about an hour on a very windy road and we have to take our groceries on the packed van with our bags back to George town it’s a lot of fun!!
 Love Elder Hazlett!!
(Or as everyone calls me here elder Hazleo)

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