Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013

one of the things I have learned this week is I am not good at reading wrighting or math or teaching and stuff like that but I have read what Enos has taught about prayer in chapter 1 verses 1-10 and I have really come to know that I have these weaknesses so I would be able to teach someone to there understanding or in other words to the understanding of a first grader because that's about ware my understanding of the English language is lol. however it is great because it really has given me the desire to learn and to ask questions as I never liked to do I always just here what people have to say and continue on and forget it but I have learned that I need to be more like dani and ask questions she wouldn't know this but I really looked up to her and her true desire to learn about everything even though it was kind of annoying some times I always wanted her around me so she would ask a question so I could answer them and really just learn how to ask questions and that's kinda how our companionship studies have been I have come across a word I don't understand im able to ask my companion who sceems to be full of infinat knowledge!

The weather has been fairly mice here it has been sunny and hot and humid and rainy lol. that's cool that eli found cats to nurse back to health nothing much has changed here were havin a nother baptism this weekend and also its zone conference so were all flying to Barbados its cool not many missionaries can say they have to fly to zone comference lol 

I Put a bunch of pictures on drop box so you can get them off and save them there also if you want me to get pictures from home you can pit them on there or you can email them and I can do it!

I think one of the reasons me and zak didn't need as much support from you and dad was because 1 we were always kinda learning stuff with eachother ware eli doesn't have someone as close as me and zak are but that's ok because he really needs the support he is an awesome kid and im so excited to see him grow and become the man god has in plan for him! I have also been reflecting on all of the scouting activities and how much fun we had growing up and one that came to mind was the campout up at dark canyon and it was storming all night and we all thought we were guna be struck by lightning but we all survived that was a fun experience and scouting really helped me become who I am today and I wish I took it more seriously I really wish I would be able to be at the 100th anaversary thing but I am doing other scout activities I am scouting out souls who need the gospel and doing a good tern daily.

I hope everything is going great there as it is slowly here the senior couple has not yet gotten here but that's okay were doing the best we can with what we got! its hard but were getting it down! elder dall and I have made a deal! he teaches me big words and computers and stuff like that and I teach him how to drive smooth and easily :) its great this week we had to get the cars serviced and sadly I cannot just do it so we have to take them to the dealership and have them do it it is ridiculous we sat there for almost 5 hours just for them to change the oil and it cost about $80 US for something that I can do in 20 min for $30 lol o well its the policy that we need to follow and obedience is the best way for happieness!!!

Christmas package you can pretty much send whatever here its fairly safe still I wouldn't put anything valuable in it but maybe one pair of he chaco shoes eather the boot like ones that are black or the other ones I believe I am able to wear tennis shoe like black shoes if there conservitave I would change the laces to black and such but ill ask sister Mehr to make sure of that and also it would be really great to get a pair of temple pants because I cannot find my other ones I think someone took them in st Vincent. could you send me a hat that I can wear on p-day just maybe an nrs hat or something like that it would be great to have one!  and anything you see I would need :) your amazing at getting what we need so I know you can handle that. its funny here they have already started decorating for Christmas since they don't do Halloween they just do chiritmas and there thanksgiving is October 25 so its this week and then the next is Christmas so its great! anyways I gotta get to doin dtuff I love you all so much and pray that you are all happy and well! love Elder Jed Hazlett

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