Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14, 2013

we felt the earth quake friday night just after teen after nightly calls and it was really cool! kinda scary but it was funny it didnt hit hard at all but it shook up the whole island! this last week we have been really busy with nore of the senior couple stuff they have not allowed any more missionaries onto the island as of yet which is kinda annoying but i guess its what we gotta do is just have patience is all we can do i know the lord has his hand in this whatever it is we will push forward!!! we have zone conference coming up ware we will go to barbados and we will learn from the mission President and the assistants.

thats awesome that logan and dallen got back and gave great talks it sure has been a great experience for them from the sounds of it!! the mission is so hard but its totally worth it! i love every minute of it! and i wouldnt trade it for highwater cat!!! although i dream about it alot i try not to focus on that i try to focus on helping others! its been such a great blessing by doin that

i hope you all will have enough wood for the winter! it sounds like the snow might be much better this year i heard its been stormy in salt lake is colorado gettin anything? i sure hope so! any ways i have taucht everyone how to make doughnuts like we do in the river lol and sadly i dont like them to much so i dont eat alot of them so i guess its good! lol i Hope fran's husband gets feeling better this life is tough but its great and its what we need to build us! conference was amazing!!!!! i cannot describe how good and how fast it went by holy cow! it has never gone by so quickly! any ways i got alot to do still i love you all and think about you always Remember attitude is everything or the way i see it grattitude is everything!! Love Elder Hazlett

here is a few picture of part of the area its takin a long time to load so i only can send a couple

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