Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014

this week was awesome we got 12 member lessons! the member work is really looking good for this next transfer a couple baptisms and new companion same area members are starting to see the missionary fire taking flame! its fantastic! i love being here seeing all the work that we are doing i am still jounior companion but thats okay i dont want the responsability of being a leader anyways! ill just do my best in praying and learning the gospel and memorizing scriptures! as well as learn patience with myself! is always a big one! no i dont do things the same as others or as easily! but i can drive and fix our car whenever the battery cable desides to disconect! haha its good now i believe we fixed it for now!

life in the mission is great! i love being here everyone is so nice and loving and we will get members out with us in every step of the work! yesterday we had a member with us the whole day! it was awesome! he is not the smartest or best member but he has a teastamony of the gospel just struggles a bit with pride he is so funny! i love that guy! anyways i hope this transfer ill be able to continue the great work we are doing here as i step up my game and show my new companion the ropes here in curepe! Pray always Love Elder Hazlett  

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