Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014

thanks this week has been rough! I got a new companion he is awesome! he is supper tall and is always havin a good time! as I have been taking charge of the area I have realized that I need to pay attention a lot better and do the things that I need to do is just focus! its hard when there are police sirens going off all the time and of coarse that has not changed about me! a truck or plane or something mam made that makes noise during a ball game I am gone! haha o well so its life I have come to relize that I am fairly good at basket ball thanks to all the great times I had growing up and playing but everyone still laughs at me when I see a truck go by! hahaha its great though! this year is going by so fast! the hardest part of it is just getting going in the morning! and since I have gotten charge I forget things and one of the biggest things is as usual drink water! hahaha its amazing what ya learn on the river still applies to every day life! its great!! I love this gospel! I know it is true! this week we are hopefully going to have baptisms every week threw the month of july!  we just gotta find those that are prepaired to receive us! I know that the lord is with us all and he is taking care of us! I am so thankful for the gospel! I love you all sorry its short but I guess its schweet! as ivy would say! Love ya all Love Elder Hazlett

don't worry about me! I am not to distracted by the river! I am just distracted about everything! 

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