Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9, 2014

This week i have desided that i am my own person and i will not judge myself against others! i have been struggling thinking that its okay ill tell myself that i am not as knowledgable as alot of the missionaries around me about the gospel but i am a better driver than them but i realized that this was a wrong way to look at it! i realized threw prayerfull consideration and alot of pondering and reading i have come to the conclusion that everyone is awesome and amazing in there own way! i am just supper awesome! haha just kiddin! 

the time that i have spent here has truly humbled me and i am so grateful for a loving companion who has helped me undertand this and realize the need to change and repent and do better as i have been here i have learned to trust the lord he will help us out of any situation expecally if he put us into it! haha all we gotta do is work! Today i had the oppurtunity to work on a vehicle and i bet that is just what i needed to be able to focus more i just needed to get my hands dirty! i have realized that we just need to fugurativly get our halds dirty in the lords work and just do it! its hard but its also fun and enjoyable! if we keep going! i feel joyfull at the oppurtunity to serve the lord for the next 6 months as hard as i can! 

these comming weeks we have great work ahead of us i pray that the companion that i get will be willing and able to work dilligently and love the people and that ill be able to do the same and continue to have patience with myself and others!  i have been thinking alot about the saying go big or go home! i love this gospel and i love you all wish i had more time Love ya Love Elder Hazlett

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