Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014

this week i have learned a very valuable lesson! On saturday when i was starting my fast! the lord spoke to me via the holy ghost; sometimes his since of humor is not that funny! basically he told me that everything is going to be fine with you! and then he inpressed in my mind that next year is going to be hard and that i shouldn't look forward to it because i am here and not fixing the oaf! haha so naturally i got focused on the work and its been going great! i have a feeling that the lord has something big in store for me this next transfer! 

Any ways the sister that added those pictures on facebook she is not a member yet but her son is and her daughter is now interested in getting baptized! and her husband is more interested and is asking questions! its fantastic! i love the work here! this week we found a new family who has been prepared for the gospel! The parents are not married but they will be soon! its so strange to me that people think that if they have been living together long enough that they are married its called a common law marrage! it makes no sense to me but its what the culture is so i cant blame anyone thats how they grew up! 

any ways my companion and i have figured out what was going on and we are able to better feel the spirit! and we understand eachother alot better! i love him! he makes cinnamon roles this morning and is a really good baker and chef! and he loves singing! its great our house is always filled with music! its fantastic! anyways there is no way that i can explain all that i am going threw here it is so much fun! i wish you could be here! would you be able to send a few pictures of the vehicles and stuff people are asking if i have pictures of what i do as my companion does of the farm! thanks Love you all Love Elder Hazlett   

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