Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014

this week has been a rough one dealing with the lazyness bug its been hard because i have not gotten motivated to do things lately just think about home and stuff which is not goot but not bad eather i just need to do it! saturday however we got to pour a slab of concrete starting with mixing the cement by hand mixing raw cement into gravel is hard work! but its alot cheaper than the ready mix stuff! anyways its been great the last couple days i have been sore and a headach i guess its because i am not used to working like that any more! it was alot of fun and we got a few contacts out of it! it was great but not great for the missionary work! the bags were ab out 100 lbs and i was able to handle them better than i could the 80 lbs ones when i was younger! i is gettin bigger! haha tomorrow is zone conference and hopefully ill be able to sing one voice during it! ots my favorit song! i love it! 

any ways life is good im on foot so i am so glad that you all sent me the shoes thank you so much! also there is a little boy next to me here in the shop named Elijah! haha it was funny! aly ways i dont have much time i love you all Love Elder Hazlett

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